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smsbag offers the developer solution for system/site integrators who wish to integrate our sms service into their website products and service. This service allows configuration with websites, interface and applications for sending and recieving SMS messages.

With our connectivity strength, this solution supports SMS service in more than 153 countries [ check coverage list]. It is a very cheap, easy to deploy and turnkey solution for developers. If anything could be called seamless, it is the integration of smsbag sms gateway into any website.

Features of the Developer Solution

  • Easy Implementation
  • Fast server response
  • sms service includes text, flash and Wap push

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API Documentation (New API + Connection Parameters coming soon)

HTTP API: Click here to download the HTTP API

API Application Samples

Download PHP sample

Download ASP sample

Coming Soon: SMTP API

Our support team is available to help you through any technical assistance you may need, Contact support here



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