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smsbag delivers two different tools to aid your sms sending activities. These tools are the Upload tool and the Desktop Application.


Upload Tool

smsbag`s Upload Tool allows you to handle all the work with different type of files very easy. Key points of our Upload Tool:

  • Easy send bulk messages to many recipients
  • Support different file formats (txt, csv, excel)
  • Total control of uploaded data (preview and check before confirming the action)
  • Detailed log (for each sent message). You can download detailed log file.
  • Personalized messages - possibility of using different message text for each recipient

arrow Click here to download documentations on how to use the upload tool

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Desktop Application

Our Desktop Application (SMS Messenger Pro) is a windows based application which allows you send messages from your system without using the browser. Once it is fully configured, you get your messages out on the fly.

The SMSMessenger Pro has all the benefits of the upload tool and it is fast.

Click here to download the SMSMessenger and here to download the usage manual.


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