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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently asked Questions with quick answers that can get you going. If the answers below does not meet need, kindly mail us at [email protected] or contact support here

1. How do i register on smsbag?
Click on this link to register http://www.smsbag.com/sms/start/register.php? . Registration is easy and FREE

2. How do i purchase sms credit for my account?
To buy sms, you must be a registered smsbag user, click here to read about payment options and how to. To buySMS, logIn to your account and goto buySMS to buy credit via ATM or Bank Deposit

3. How much does sms cost?
Please, Goto the pricing page at http://www.smsbag.com/sms/start/pricing.php? to see the sms prices. sms is cheap.

4. Does my Credit expire?
No, your Credit does not expire.

5. Are there other ways i can send sms?
Yes! smsBAG provides three(3)ways for sending your bulk sms messages, click here to read about other tools and applications available.

6. Can I Pay with my ATM Card?
Yes! smsBAG is interconnected to the Interswitch payment platform so you can buy credit from the comfort of your home.

7. How secured are my Transactions?
smsBAG uses a secured certificate from COMODO. Your transactions are secured via our https:// channel.

for more information and questions, please

Call: +234-806-274-1555 or mail: [email protected]

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